Resister your Suica in advance.
Discover the seamless accommodation experience at B4T.


  • Book HOTEL B4T

    Book HOTEL B4T

    Book a room through our HOTEL B4T website.

    Online credit card payments make your stay even simpler.

    Check-in is even faster if you pay online with a credit card at the time of booking.
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  • Pre Check-in

    Pre Check-in

    Pre Check-in can be completed by registering your details through your reservation confirmation e-mail.

    Get Suica and get ready for B4T!

    Register your Suica card or Mobile Suica to make check-in easier and faster.
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  • Self-Check in

    Self-Check in

    Use the registered Suica at the self-check-in machine to start check-in.

    Suica is not necessary.

    HOTEL B4T is open to guests who do not have a Suica card or Mobile Suica app. Pre-check-in is not a prerequisite for your stay. For guests who do not have a Suica, a room key will be issued at the self-check-in machine upon check-in. Guests who do not pre-check-in should register their guest information at the self-check-in machine.


  • Suica is your key!

    Suica is your key!

    Enter your room with Suica.

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  • Solve any problem with your smartphone

    Solve any problem with your smartphone

    We are happy to support you to solve problems. Scan QR code provided in the room and communicate our staff with your smart phone. Our staff is available via online chat or video call.

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  • Self Check-out


    Place your suica card on the check-in machine. For guests using a hotel-issued a key card, insert the room key into the return slot.