TOUCH & STAY

      The new smooth travel and stay
      with Suica.

    • Imagine how seamlessly you can access hotel room.
      B4T is a newly designed hotel and full of creative ideas.
      Once you step into our functional space,
      you will find yourself thoroughly relaxed.
      There is nothing to get in the way of your stay.
      Discover and access your new travel destination with Suica.

  • The four 'T's in B4T


      Sophisticated accomodation available for all travelers,
      ideal for both business and pleasure.


      As the JR-EAST Group company, we will continue to make the train trip more comfortable.

    • FOR TIME

      Easy and seamless service through the use of modern technology.


      The safety and security are our priority. Clean and comfortable space is waiting for you.

    • HOW
      TO USE

      Forget the key card.
      Use your Suica and straight to the bed.

      *HOTEL B4T is open to guests
      who do not have a Suica card.
    • Forget the key card. Use your Suica and straight to the bed.
    • 1 ENTRANCE
    • Self Check-in with Suica

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    • 2 SECURITY
    • Access the room floors
      with Suica

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    • 3 ROOM
    • Enter your room
      with Suica


    • Your time is our priority.
    • Your time is our priority.

      You can easily check in and check out all by yourself. You can enjoy a comfortable stay without any extra hassle.

    • Highly selected room amenities
    • Highly selected room amenities

      Room amenities are provided as needed. From bedding to Wi-Fi, we have selected high quality items for your stay.

    • B4T "OMOTENASHI" style
    • B4T "OMOTENASHI" style

      You can contact hotel staff at any time. Online chat and video call service available 24 hours a day via smartphone.

    • Smart designed and comfortable room
    • Smart designed and comfortable room

      A space full of ideas to provide the best accommodation services to our guests.

    • Cleanliness, safe and secured.  Security and infection control measures are in place.
    • Our commitments on cleanliness and safety

      We provide high quality services to ensure that our guests have a pleasant stay.